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Why You Want To Remove Sulfites

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Sulfites are both naturally-occurring and added in the bottling process to prolong the shelf life of wine. Drinking sulfites can lead to facial redness, hives, worsen headaches, and make morning-after effects more severe. Additionally, sulfites lead to the formation of free radicals, damage cells and increase the risk for the development of chronic and degenerative illness. With a few stirs, you will restore your glass of wine to its most natural and healthy state.

How it Works

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StiQit uses FDA-permitted food-grade ingredients and patented solution that neutralizes nanograms (a millionth of a gram) of sulfites into microdroplets of water, not altering the taste of your wine in the slightest. Have a crack at the science:

Sulfites are added to wine as a preservative by either bubbling sulphur dioxide gas in the wine or adding potassium metabisulfite. Both are readily soluble in wine. The sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas equilibrates between Sulfur dioxide (SO2) + water (H2O) and hydrogen ions (H+) + Bisulfite ion (HSO3-). As the pH decreases the fraction of total sulfite present as the bisulfite ion increases so that at pH4 (wine has a pH range of 3-4) the bisulfite ion is the predominant species present in the wine. The bisulfite ion also exists in equilibrium with hydrogen ion (H+) + sulfite ion (SO3 2-). Similarly, the addition of potassium metabisulfite to wine creates an equilibrium of bisulfite and sulfite ions along with free potassium ions (K+). Addition of a scientifically tested, very specific measurement of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) oxidizes the bisulfite ion (HSO3-) to the bisulfate ion (HSO4-) and water which is then further converted to the sulfate ion (SO4-) plus water.

    Why StiQit

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    StiQit is the only sulfite removal device to claim it removes 100% of sulfites from a 6-8oz glass of wine.

    • Portable: Other sulfite removal devices are big and bulky. The StiQit is portable and easy to stick in your purse or pocket.
    • Effective: In tests using third party sulfite test strips, StiQit has removed all sulfites from wine, while competitors have removed little to no sulfites.
    • Fast: Other products take 3+ minutes to use. StiQit removes all sulfites from wine in less than 10 seconds.


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