What are sulfites & why are they in my wine?

Sulfites act as a preservative in your wine

Very simply, sulfites are a preservative to wine, which is a volatile food product. ‘Sulfites’ refers to sulfur dioxide, a preservative which has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that temper the oxidation reactions which cause wine to spoil. In essence, sulfites keeps your wine from going bad on its journey from the vineyard to your glass. It also helps in the extraction of pigments in wine, making red wines more red.

Sulfites are in every glass of wine, either as a natural byproduct of fermentation or added by the winemakers as a preservative. This includes organic wines, European wines and wines that say ‘no sulfites added’ (there are still sulfites as a natural byproduct of fermentation).

How Much Sulfur is in Wine?

It depends. Based upon the production method, style, and the color of the wine, sulfites in wine range from 10-40 PPM to about 350 PPM.

  • Wines with lower acidity need more sulfur than higher acidity wines

  • White wines need more sulfur than red wines

  • Wines with higher sugar content need more sulfur to prevent secondary fermentation of the remaining sugar

  • Wines that are warmer in temperature release free sulfur compounds (the nasty sulfur smell) and can be “fixed” simply through decanting and chilling the wine

Why you want to remove sulfites

While sulfites are handy for keeping your wine fresh before uncorking, they are no longer needed when you pour yourself a glass. In fact, sulfites could be responsible for nasty side effects associated with wine. Studies suggest high levels of sulfites in a person’s diet can lead to worsened morning after headaches, nasal congestion, skin ailments, upset stomachs, and low blood pressure. Sulfites are also known to lead to the formation of free radicals, which are associated with many chronic diseases.

Removing sulfites from your wine supports an overall healthy, preservative-free lifestyle. StiQit is the only instant and effective sulfite removal device.


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